Grupo Controle Digital - A Festa É Nossa

A Festa É Nossa

Grupo Controle Digital

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12" Vinyl Album 10 tracks Out 31 August 2018 16.99
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Grupo Controle Digital - A Festa É Nossa

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Soundway Records delivers a beautifully remastered reissue of Brazilian duo Grupo Controle Digital’s only album, “A Festa É Nossa”. First released in 1988, the album is now housed in a tip-on heavyweight sleeve with restored artwork.

With the title track “A Festa É Nossa” having circulated the last few years in the DJ sets of influential tastemakers, the album has become highly sought after by electronic fans and collectors alike. Lo-fi synths and cruising bass lines permeate the record, influenced by the group’s Brazilian contemporaries at the time such as Tim Maia, Cláudio Zoli, Secos E Molhados, and rock outfit Made In Brazil.

Band members Billy Jaguar and Gel Valiery regularly performed in various groups in São Paulo throughout the 80s and 90s, but after Gel passed away, Grupo Controle Digital was no more - the band and the album faded into obscurity and Billy became a priest, working with gospel music. It remained that way until Brazilian DJ Millos Kaiser (from label Selva Discos, and one half of Brazilian street party organisers Selvagem) tracked down the remaining member of the group to be able to include one of their tracks on the highly anticipated Soundway compilation “Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)”, which was released in July 2018.

Audio restoration: Neal Birnie at The Carvery, London
Mastering: Frank Merritt at The Carvery, London
Artwork restoration: Lewis Heriz


12" Vinyl Album (SNDWLP126D)
  1. Grupo Controle Digital - Noite Eterna
  2. Grupo Controle Digital - Zero Grau
  3. Grupo Controle Digital - Sentimentos
  4. Grupo Controle Digital - O Gato E O Rato
  5. Grupo Controle Digital - Vital "O Marginal"
  6. Grupo Controle Digital - A Festa É Nossa
  7. Grupo Controle Digital - Panico Geral
  8. Grupo Controle Digital - Mundo Cão
  9. Grupo Controle Digital - Primavera
  10. Grupo Controle Digital - Barra Pesada

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