Gabriele Poso - Batik


Gabriele Poso

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Gabriele Poso - Batik

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A true multi-instrumentalist, Gabriele Poso found a particular affinity for percussion at a young age, studying in Puerto Rico and Cuba. His latest album 'Batik', to be released on Soundway Records, is once again entirely self-produced and features guest vocalists Nailah Porter, Nina Rodriguez, Quetzal Guerrero & Sofia Rollo.

Following a long-term collaborative partnership with Osunlade / Yoruba Records, as well as albums on BBE and Agogo Records, Gabriele Poso has garnered acclaim from reviewers and selectors including Gilles Peterson. On 'Batik', Poso further develops and matures his sound - exploring his extensive roots in Afro-Cuban percussion, while delving into the realms of jazz and soulful house. Much of the album features Poso on not only vocals but many of the instruments - including percussion, guitar and kalimba.

With mixing by renowned Spanish DJ and producer Kiko Navarro, the lead single “Africa Linda” is an up tempo live take on Latin house, featuring American-born soul singer Quetzal Guerrero on vocals.


12" Vinyl Album (SNDWLP134)
    1. Gabriele Poso - Batik
    2. Gabriele Poso - Black Sand
    3. Gabriele Poso - Equitoreal
    4. Gabriele Poso - Xango
    1. Gabriele Poso - Suite For Tambores
    2. Gabriele Poso - Africa Linda
    3. Gabriele Poso - Sokere
    4. Gabriele Poso - Kumave
    5. Gabriele Poso - Lime Tree