XOA - Diaspora / Echoes

Diaspora / Echoes


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XOA - Diaspora / Echoes

The second of 2 EPs from XOA in 2017, with the original tracks available on vinyl as "Diaspora EP".

Sizzling with analogue synths, slicing guitars, warm bass lines and crisp drums, XOA’s compositions take influence from the sounds of London’s fervent electronic music scene, fusing Broken-beat and House music foundations with golden era 70s Afrobeat, Funk and Jazz. XOA is the solo / collaborative project from multi-instrumentalist Nick Tyson.

Hailing from London, Tyson has immersed himself in the richness of the city’s music scene from a young age, experiencing and absorbing everything from classical orchestras to the underground clubs, alongside a relentless touring career with numerous bands.

Remixes from underground rising stars Laolu and k2k.


Download EP (SNDWD126)
  1. XOA - Diaspora
  2. XOA - Echoes
  3. XOA - Echoes (Radio Edit)
  4. XOA - Diaspora (Laolu Remix)
  5. XOA - Echoes (k2k Remix)