Chico Mann - Manifest Tone EP

Manifest Tone EP

Chico Mann

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Chico Mann - Manifest Tone EP

This EP represents four of the choicest cuts from Chico Mann’s ‘Manifest Tone’ Volumes 2&3 that until now were only available digitally. It signals the end of one phase and the start of a new chapter in Chico Mann’s career with a brand new album signed to Soundway Records for release in early 2013.

The Manifest Tone journey began in 2004. During breaks from touring with Antibalas Marcos began crafting a more personal sound in his basement studio. A hybrid beast of culture and tone where Fela Kuti and Willie Colon meet Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, Afrika Bambaata and Kraftwerk, it lives in a landscape shaped by Africa, Cuba, New York and Miami.

These unique experimentations led to the release of ‘Manifest Tone Volume 1’ in 2006 and eventually morphed into Volumes 2 & 3 that were finished in 2008 and 2010 respectively. What sounds on paper like a meeting of styles past in reality emerges sounding incredibly fresh and original.

Over the three volumes Chico Mann’s own unique style has emerged and evolved (something he has dubbed 'Afro-Freestyle') and in 2010 he released the critically acclaimed 'Analogue Drift' album for Wax Poetics records.


12" Vinyl Single (SNDW12015)
  1. Chico Mann - Dilo Como Yo (Te Están Llamand)
  2. Chico Mann - El Paragua (2010 edit)
  3. Chico Mann - Luz
  4. Chico Mann - His Favourite Thing