XOA - Mass / Mon Ecole

Mass / Mon Ecole


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XOA - Mass / Mon Ecole

Sizzling with analogue synths, slicing guitars, warm bass lines and crisp drums, XOA’s compositions take influence from the sounds of London’s fervent electronic music scene, fusing Broken-beat and House music foundations with golden era 70s Afrobeat, Funk and Jazz. XOA is the solo / collaborative project from multi-instrumentalist Nick Tyson.

Hailing from London, Tyson has immersed himself in the richness of the city’s music scene from a young age, experiencing and absorbing everything from classical orchestras to the underground clubs, alongside a relentless touring career with numerous bands.

Remixes from underground rising stars Glenn Astro and Ben Hauke.

Check the follow up EP "Diaspora/Echoes" for more from XOA!


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  1. XOA - Mass
  2. XOA - Mon Ecole
  3. XOA - Mass (Edit)
  4. XOA - Mass (Ben Hauke Remix)
  5. XOA - Mon Ecole (Glenn Astro Remix Intro)
  6. XOA - Mon Ecole (Glenn Astro Remix)