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Since its inception in 2002, independent label Soundway Records has released coveted musical gems from far-flung corners of the world, with foundations that are rooted in meticulously-sourced reissues. Seeking out glittering tracks and albums from the 1950s to the modern day has led the label to criss-cross the globe – from Africa and Latin America to the Caribbean, Asia, and beyond.

Soundway’s critically-acclaimed compilations include: the Spanish Balearic synth-breeze of Ritmo Fantasía (2021); the birth of Indonesia’s modern music industry of Padang Moonrise (2022); the eighties Nigerian dancefloor dive of Doing It In Lagos (2016), and the highlife-heyday of Ghana Special (2008). Alongside its celebrated collections, the label has also reissued beloved albums from artists such as Afro-boogie king Steve Monite and synth-doting disco don Kiki Gyan. Branching out from reissues in 2012, Soundway expanded its repertoire into new releases, nurturing contemporary artists such as Lord Echo, Pigeon, The Circling Sun, and Felbm.

In recent years, label founder Miles Cleret has handed over the reins to a dynamic and forward-thinking team based in London and Canada. The spirit is carried on with a fastidious attention to audio recording quality and remastering, alongside a zeal for sonic discovery. No matter where each Soundway release touches down, the imprint’s passion for carefully shining a light on culturally significant genres and scenes remains unwavering.

SOUNDWAY RECORDS ADDRESS: We are currently all working remotely, therefore have no office address to which you can send post. Please email us regarding any deliveries.

Publishing, Licensing & Sync

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Meet The Team

  • Alice Whittington - General Manager and Label Manager
    Alice Whittington - General Manager and Label Manager
  • Paula Duran - Managing Director of Soundway Publishing
    Paula Duran - Managing Director of Soundway Publishing
  • Hugo Mendez - A&R Manager
    Hugo Mendez - A&R Manager
  • Tommy Sang - Sales and Distribution Manager
    Tommy Sang - Sales and Distribution Manager
  • Jeremy Spellacey - Licensing Consultant
    Jeremy Spellacey - Licensing Consultant
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